January 15th

11:47AM // Brass Bed’s gear was stolen last night in Chicago

Hi friends… please share this list of gear that was stolen from Brass Bed’s van last night in Wicker Park:

1998 Fender 52 Reissue Telecaster w/Bareknuckle pickup 

2003 Rickenbacker 4003 Bass 

2012 Epiphone Casino  

2002 Gibson ES 135 

Jonny Pedals

Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 

Boss TU 3

Keeley Ibanez AD9 

Keeley Tubescreamer 

Keeley Blues Driver  

Z.Vex Fuzz Probe 

Ibanez DE-7 

Morley AB Switch 

TC Helicon Voice Tone Echo 

Ben Pedals 

One Spot Power Supply 

Reverend Power Drivetrain II 

Caroline Olympia Fuzz 

Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Nano

Boss DD7 

Boss DD3 

Boss TU 3 

Christiaan Pedals 

One Spot Power Supply x 2 

Morley AB Switch 

Fender Amp Footswitch 

Z.Vex Box of Rock 

Goudie FX Delay 

Ashbass Fuzzbrite

Korg Pitchblack Tuner 

Custom Hot Cake Overdrive

Electro Harmonix Holy Grail Nano

TC Helicon Voice Tone Echo 

20’ 1/4” Instrument Cables x 9 

6” 1/4” Patch Cables x 6 

May 5th

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Shaped on all Six Sides.

August 1st

10:56AM // Deadbeat!!

March 29th

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I dropped in at Let ‘Em In Music again today, this time to visit Gabriel and the Hounds as they recorded a cover song for Brooklyn Based. As is the nature of the band (basically Gabe from Takka Takka joined by a rotating cast of players), everybody in the room added something to the mix. I’m curious to see how the track turns out after Nadim works his magic on mixing it!

October 17th

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August 18th

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Our new video for the song “Slime” by Sleeping Bag is premiering today at The Village Voice, along with a Q&A with Dave Segedy.

“Slime” is the first track on Sleeping Bag’s excellent new s/t record, which is available from Joyful Noise Recordings on vinyl, CD, mp3, or with an official Sleeping Bag sleeping bag. The band is currently on tour, so check them out if you get the chance. They play The Cake Shop in NYC tonight at 8:30.

Watch this! It will be your new favorite song! Go Sleeping Bag! A lot of my hot babe friends are in this video!

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August 16th

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PREMIERE : Appetite = Warn Me, Right

It gives me great pleasure to be able to give you this new single off of Teddy Briggs brand spanking new album out today. Scattered Smothered Covered is an easily repeatable album. It’s an easy listen, concise, and full of classic Teddy Briggs quirkiness. Appetite fills a strange void for me musically, and hopefully it does for you too.

You can pick up the album in just about any form you could ever hope for over at Crossbill Records. And stream the entire record over at my friends Terror Eyes. And lastly, be on the lookout for an upcoming tour this fall. 

July 21st


Timber Timbre.



July 14th

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The Park a.d. - Sirens

Sometimes you just gotta let ‘er rip.  Duo Maya Miller and Becky Black sure fuckin’ do. For the first few seconds of this song you think you’re listening to the opening of Black Sabbath.  But, no.  These Vancouver rockers might have borrowed the vibe, but they’re their own studded leather jacket and snarling upper lip, m’kay?

Pre-order their new record Unpersons from Mint Records